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Name:Ὀρφεύς - Orpheus
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Pimpleia, Greece

Orpheus is the father of song. Son of the muse Calliope, who taught him verses for singing, and King Oeagrus of Thrace. It is said of his music that it could charm the birds, fish and wild beasts, coax the trees and rocks into dance, and divert the course of rivers.

As a young man, he was given a golden lyre by Apollo and taught to play it. It is also said of him that while Hermes may have invented the lyre, Orpheus perfected it. He was so talented that while traveling with Jason and the Argonauts, Orpheus was able to save the ship from being lured into the rocks by sirens by playing a song louder and more beautiful than the song of the sirens, and when Dionysus' maenads attempted to kill him by throwing rocks and spears, the missiles were so touched by his song that they refused to strike him.

Orpheus' most famous story is that of loving and losing the nymph Eurydice, not once but twice, after which Orpheus vowed that he would never love another woman, and since that time he has kept his vow, taking only men as lovers.

After his unfortunate, early demise, one of the nymphs who had recovered his head from the river and brought it to rest in a cave on Lesbos, having been a friend of Eurydice and devastated at the thought of Orpheus voice being silenced for good, begged the gods to return him to his former life. Glad to have an excuse to bring Orpheus' music back into the world, they agreed. Orpheus was made into a sort of minor deity, and now the only physical evidence of his time as a disembodied head is the thin, faint, jagged scar around his neck.

In the modern time, he makes his money as the best, damn busker you will ever hear, occasionally playing and singing in coffee shops or night clubs, but never accepting any of the copious record deals he's offered. He lives a simple life, but he always makes sure he has enough money to take a trip to Greece once a year to give tribute to the gods he still venerates.
Orpheus is friendly, helpful young man, who above all things believes that love is worth fighting for. He remains devoted to the gods he favored in his youth, especially Apollo and Demeter. Every song he plays is a tribute to Apollo.

If you should be privileged enough to hear his song, you may find your mood altered by the hearing. Usually this is a good thing, but occasionally Orpheus waxes melancholic with his music.


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