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Automated voice, "To leave a message for..."

...very long pause


Automated voice, "Press one."
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Since he's at least situationally part of the Marvel-verse in Milliways, Orpheus will also be going noir. He's a mob-owned entertainer, working off his considerable and ever-growing debts by playing in various, mob-owned casinos.

He still has the tragic past, and he's still ridiculously talented.
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Orpheus is still grinning as he sets his guitar just inside the door from Milliways and pulls Steve toward him for another kiss, his hands immediately moving back to Steve's waistband.
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The scene is familiar in its Wrongness, and that familiarity makes it somewhat easier to accept but no less difficult to believe in.

She sits under her oak, a welcoming smile on her face, and he goes to her without thought, laying his guitar in the grass and laying beside her, head in her lap. He knows better than to try and hold her, but he closes his eyes, and he can feel her fingers moving in his hair as they had done so very long ago.

He wants to stay here always, never have to admit that it isn't real, but he can't. He can't abandon the life he's made so easily.

So he asks, knowing it will hasten her departure, "Why have you come?"

Her fingers continue their movements, and it's just a moment before she says, "Because now as ever you don't listen."

He blinks his eyes open to look at her, confused and worried to have disappointed her. "Haven't I done what you asked? Haven't I lived and...and loved?" Even at her request, it feels something like a betrayal to admit that to her.

Still she strokes through his hair, and her voice is gentle, if chiding. "You know the answer there, beloved." Her free hand moves to his chest as she adds, "The heart is an infinite gift. There is no reason to hold part of it back." There is hesitation in her voice, and he closes his eyes again as she adds, "And there is no reason to wait for what you know will never be. He deserves more from you."

He waits a moment, expecting she will disappear on him again, but she does not, and he thinks he knows why. "He deserves everything from me."

He doesn't have to open his eyes to know she's smiling. He feels her move, feels the coolness of her lips on his forehead. "It may not be precisely the same, but do not make it different where it is not."

Her fingers are still in his hair, and he settles in. If she disappears again, it is not until he has fallen asleep, one last time, in her lap.
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Orpheus wasn't entirely sure the ring would work as a way for him to get to Steve's world, but he was going to give it a shot. If it didn't work, he'd explain it to Steve the next time they were both in the bar, and they could figure something else out.

His guitar slung across his back, Orpheus turns the ring on his finger and opens the door, pleased to find himself in Steve's apartment when he steps through.
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Orpheus keeps hold of Steve's hand as he digs in his pocket for his key, and he turns to kiss Steve as he opens the door.
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Orpheus is trying very hard not to just drag Steve up the stairs to their room. Despite having been waiting in the bar, he hasn't been spending much time here at all. It made him think far too much of Steve, and the drawings Steve had left for him didn't really help on that score.

He manages to restrain himself, though, as he unlocks the door.
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Orpheus juggles the bottles and his key to get the door unlocked so Steve doesn't have to put down the pizzas, and he pulls out the little table to put the drinks on once they're inside.

"Something funny, huh?"
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Something is Wrong.

It isn’t the thing in the woods, whatever that was.

It isn’t the look in Steve’s eyes when he can’t do anything to help his friend.

It isn’t even something as simple as the full moon.

It was the beautiful exquisite perfect young woman standing in front of him. The nymph with the lovely braids, flowing robes shimmering in the sunlight, dancer’s feet bare. Sweet Eurydice. Solid enough to touch.

“You seem troubled, my love,” she says, her voice just as soothing as he remembers.

“You aren’t real,” he answers, though every fiber of his being wants to run to her, hold her, ignore the Wrongness of her.

“Reality is not something you’ve held strongly to.”

He huffs out a laugh that is much darker than she has ever heard from him. “True enough.”

“And who is to say what is real and what is not?”

His head inclines, conceding the point.

“Will you stay?” he asks, when he finds his voice again, heart already twisting in anticipation of her answer.

“You know better, husband.”

He does, of course, but he had to ask. Just as he had to follow her so very long ago, though he knew better then as well.

“Why have you come?”

“Because you are troubled,” she says simply, and he finds himself wanting nothing more than to let her take that trouble away, to rest in the shade of an olive tree, head in her lap as her graceful fingers soothe over his furrowed brow and thread through his hair.

But those days are long past.

“And how do you mean to fix that, my love?”

“Like this,” she says, her lips twisting into a smile that is sad and resigned and not much else. Her bare feet pad lightly over to him, and he is entranced by the movement as he has always been. Leaning up on her toes, she presses her lips to the corner of his mouth, and he is held motionless by the scent of her, so familiar and so close to forgotten. He feels her warm breath on his ear (Wrong Wrong Wrong), and his eyes close of their own volition as she whispers, “Open your heart, husband. Love and live and be as happy as you once made me.”

Finally, the spell breaks, but when he lifts his arms to embrace her, he finds nothing but cold air.
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It seems to Orpheus like there has been entirely too much stress and worry in Steve's life right now, both in the bar and out of it, and the worst part (for Orpheus at least) is that there doesn't seem to be much he can do about it. He's determined to try, though.

He's hoping that their room is still a relaxing place for Steve.


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